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-The sun’s home–the horizon lights up. Even the ferocious sea is motionless, lying down quietly, enjoying the exceptionally soft sunlight, the city is soundless, only a few barks from the distant village. The ruddy cloud changes into a bright white dress, like a bride walking down the aisle.

-The sun is rising, fog is rolling, gradually thinning, like the peak of an iceberg, like a mirage. The sun with an orange halo, like a gigantesque persimmon. The reddish juice of the persimmon dribbled on the greenish mountain, dyeing it a prosperous color, then it proceeds to dominate the world.

-The beautiful sun represents the vitality of youth, the hope of life, it is full of passion, letting people feel the beauty of life. The distant sound of rooster takes away the last remnants of darnkess. Sunrise is an exiting wonderful scene, not only is it solemn and sacred, it is vigorous.


Author: ChinHooi

Hello friends. I am Chin-Hooi Ng from Penang, Malaysia. I have now three main blogs on wordpress. They all have my memorable full name in the title. Having blogs on wordpress means to me primarily self-discipline, commitment, minimalism, freedom of expression & joy of escapism! Interests & Inspiration include #ImageryPoems #FreeVerse #InnerPeace #SmallMoments #Vegetarianism #Pescatarianism #Minimalism #ASD #MemorySport #Singing #Multilingualism #Malaysia #Wordpress #World

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