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-The windchime melts in the depth of heart, regaining old memories, outlining, singing, continuing the stillness of the cycle of life.

-The wind is formless. The foliage is the shadow of the dance of wind, the flowers are the background of the smile of wind, and the sweet windchime is the language of the wind.

-Midnight with the sound of windchime, resounding through the deep and ethereal sky, graduall melting into quiet, without a trace.

-A beautiful encounter,  between wind and windchime, telling affectionately a legend, with string of ring tones.

-The ringing happiness of windchime can’t be hidden, it drowns the melancholy, like a muddy path suddenly leads back to the sunny road, letting the future become extremely borad.

-Ringing windchime, waves of passionate tremor, restoring the power of the body, this is a deep call from one life to another.

-Jingling windchine swaying, the crisp sound of crystal clear bells, serene like a piano.

-Wind knocking on windows, touching the purple windchime, wrapping the breath of leaves outside. Meditating indoor, silently counting time slipping through fingers, finding a warm picture for the notebook of mind, staging a gorgeous encounter, with the petaline language of feelings.

-Listening to the cry of the slow flowing air. Wind, diarranging thoughts. Windchime, breaking silence, forgetting the wandering of the past.


Author: ChinHooi

Hello friends. I am Chin-Hooi Ng from Penang, Malaysia. I have now three main blogs on wordpress. They all have my memorable full name in the title. Having blogs on wordpress means to me primarily self-discipline, commitment, minimalism, freedom of expression & joy of escapism! Interests & Inspiration include #ImageryPoems #FreeVerse #InnerPeace #SmallMoments #Vegetarianism #Pescatarianism #Minimalism #ASD #MemorySport #Singing #Multilingualism #Malaysia #Wordpress #World

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