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The ocean

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The blue ocean, soft as silk, slightly rippling, sometimes the water is at the feet, gently whispering.

The ocean, vast like a northern plateau, it embodies an invisible mysterious vitality, a depth transcending nature.

The blue of the ocean makes the color of jade seem too light and the color of sapphire seem too deep.

I like the quiet look of the boundless ocean, and it’s roaring look, it takes away all the narrowness, crowdedness, noisiness of the city.

The ocean makes people feel relaxed, refreshed and happy. When the tide is high, the waves come rolling to the shore,  like little hills, hitting the seaside reef, “wow…wow!” what a wonderful sound .

At night, the ocean is still and quiet, as if asleep, no wind no wave, as if the ocean is solidified, like a thick glass, lying there, motionless.

The ocean is wide as the sky, the faint briny breeze blows toward the streets flashing with red and green lights, as if inextinguishable.


Author: ChinHooi

Hello friends. I am Chin-Hooi Ng from Penang, Malaysia. I have now three main blogs on wordpress. They all have my memorable full name in the title. Having blogs on wordpress means to me primarily self-discipline, commitment, minimalism, freedom of expression & joy of escapism! Interests & Inspiration include #ImageryPoems #FreeVerse #InnerPeace #SmallMoments #Vegetarianism #Pescatarianism #Minimalism #ASD #MemorySport #Singing #Multilingualism #Malaysia #Wordpress #World

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