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Photographic phrases, passages, pastel proses


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Bookstore is a book mine, every book contains the kit of knowledge.

Bookstore is the ocean of books, every book is surging with the golden sand and silver waves of knowledge.

Bookstore is the jungle of books, where every book is encouraging you to visit the secluded depths of secrets.

Book is like a cup of rich aromatic coffee, warming and romanticizing moments.

Book is the food of the human spirits, a faithful partner of mankind, the ladder of human progress; book is a cool shade in summer, a fiery charcoal in winter, the Eden of the soul, oasis of the desert, lighthouse of the ocean, a stairway leading to the hall of knowledge, a key that unlocks the window of wisdom, in our soul.


Author: ChinHooi

Hello friends. I am Chin-Hooi Ng from Penang, Malaysia. I have now three main blogs on wordpress. They all have my memorable full name in the title. Having blogs on wordpress means to me primarily self-discipline, commitment, minimalism, freedom of expression & joy of escapism! Interests & Inspiration include #ImageryPoems #FreeVerse #InnerPeace #SmallMoments #Vegetarianism #Pescatarianism #Minimalism #ASD #MemorySport #Singing #Multilingualism #Malaysia #Wordpress #World

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