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Reflection: The Truman Show(1998), part 2

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Each of us is living in a world that is manipulated, we can find around us, in our life, traces of being manipulated. And we also have, in a world manipulated, a dream difficult to achieve (Truman’s Fiji). But we are like the first half of the movie, unable to walk out of our world, to pursue our dreams.

Truman is manipulated. The plot and actors are arranged, to control him, to try to influence his thinking, ideas and habits. The education he receives, the plot where his father is drowned, the posters of propaganda etc. These are all used to make Truman feel that his life has been so natural and comfortable for 30 years, and the whole world should be like this.

Dream is the source of all changes. Truman has never given up on his dream, perhaps there’s not much action done in peacetime, and this doesn’t have any effect on his daily life, he’s still working, still married. But the dream in his heart is slowly germinating.

However, when you’re determined to get out of your everday life, to pursue your dreams, the natural harmony of everthing around you will suddenly become a pressure. When Truman wants to go to Fiji, he feels the thoughts imposed by work, his mother, wife ,friends and childhood (the fear of water, the unsafety of airplanes), various pressures from various aspects. So he strangles the idea of pursuing his dream again and again.

In fact, we are all Truman, the only difference is, that Truman finally got out of his world, while most of us still wander in ours. Truman got out, because of his dream, because he doesn’t want to live in such a calm and comfortable life.

The excellent thing about the film is that the idea of it is very bold, raising a new proposition about the presence of our real world, is this world naturally occuring. The bold idea of this film which appeared earlier than Matrix is breathtaking. Truman is an ordinary person, casting doubts on the world, out of dedication to love, and the end result is quite good, no need for heroism here.



Author: ChinHooi

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