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Street corner


6:13 in the morning, greeting the distant lights, in darkness, standing on a corner, people awaiting lights,waiting for the city to wake up,walking with crisp footsteps, the sun came from the eastern horizon, hello city,hello sunlight,lets shake hands,and hug, just two old friends, the joy of a reunion.


Author: ChinHooi

Hello friends. I am Chin-Hooi Ng from Penang, Malaysia. I have now three main blogs on wordpress. They all have my memorable full name in the title. Having blogs on wordpress means to me primarily self-discipline, commitment, minimalism, freedom of expression & joy of escapism! Interests & Inspiration include #ImageryPoems #FreeVerse #InnerPeace #SmallMoments #Vegetarianism #Pescatarianism #Minimalism #ASD #MemorySport #Singing #Multilingualism #Malaysia #Wordpress #World

2 thoughts on “Street corner

  1. Great post with interesting content!
    Can’t wait for more!
    Best wishes, R


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